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European Atari 2600 Jr. - Need some help with its color system

Carlos Baldo

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Hi folks, I am new at AtariAge.


Months ago, I've got an AV-modded european Atari 2600 Jr. (Rev. F board) in a great condition for cheap. However, here at my country (Brazil), PAL-B compatible TV sets are rare to find. The closest color system that is supported by most TVs is PAL-N (PAL variation used in Argentina and a few more countries in South America).


I tried to replace the 4.433618 MHz XTAL with a 3.582056 MHz one, but that gave me no colors in any PAL-N compatible set. Also tried to replace the 3.546894 MHz one with a second 3.582056 MHz XTAL, but still gave me nothing but B&W picture.


Is there something I can do to make this console output PAL-N? Both systems are 50 Hz and have the same resolution, so it should work somehow.


Thanks a lot!

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Hi. I Live in Brazil too. Please tell us the main CHIPS numbers used in your console (Does it uses 6526N and 6532G ones??, I think it does not). 
UM6526P1 9134S -- Found in a PAL-B 2600 JR and UM6526P1 9212T -- Found in a PAL 2600 JR, Rev F.1.1.
If your unit uses one of that chips numbers, it could to have a little different pinouts. (I Think) Is possible to modify your unit to NTSC version, that today is a very easy to use system, even in Brazil. But maybe you will have an effort to do that.
I can write in Portuguese if you want.

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Hi pcrock, thanks for the reply.


My european Atari Jr. got a UM6526P1 8850S chip. However, modifying it to NTSC will change the palette and make the console behave just like our brazilian Ataris, right? If that is true, it will defeat the whole purpose of using an european Atari. There is a handful of games that are only released in Europe or their 50 Hz counterparts are much more cheaper than the 60 Hz ones. That is the main reason I've got this console, to play european games.


I don't get it, PAL-B and PAL-N are the same color TV system. The difference between them lies only in the color subcarrier frequency while using composite video. That is why TVs in South America often detect european PAL as PAL-N and, as a consequence of that, they fail to retrieve any color from the signal. It should be easy to convert a PAL-B console to the PAL-N system, but I still had no luck trying to do it. ☹️

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On 8/10/2020 at 3:18 AM, Carlos Baldo said:

Oi pcrock, obrigado pela resposta.


Meu Atari Jr. europeu tem um chip UM6526P1 8850S. Porém, modificá-lo para NTSC mudará a paleta e fará com que o console se comporte exatamente como o nosso Ataris brasileiro, certo? Se isso for verdade, vai anular todo o propósito de usar um Atari europeu. Há um punhado de jogos que são lançados apenas na Europa ou seus equivalentes de 50 Hz são muito mais baratos do que os de 60 Hz. Essa é a principal razão pela qual tenho este console, para jogar jogos europeus.


Não entendi, PAL-B e PAL-N são o mesmo sistema de TV em cores. A diferença entre eles reside apenas na frequência da subportadora de cor durante o uso de vídeo composto. É por isso que as TVs na América do Sul geralmente detectam PAL europeu como PAL-N e, como consequência, não conseguem recuperar nenhuma cor do sinal. Deve ser fácil converter um console PAL-B para o sistema PAL-N, mas ainda não tive sorte ao tentar fazer isso. ☹️

Sorry friend.
I misunderstood your desire! 
Yes. if you turn your console in a NTSC version it will work jus like the brazilian ones.
So you want to turn the PAL-G version in a PAL-N version. Is this right?
I have an old VCR Recorder (Panasonic J-48) that works as a PAL-N to NTSC transcoder but due 60HZ Brazilian system, the screen blinks what make a boreing experience to watch PAL-N here.

But that is another talk to another time...
I think that what you want to do is not an easy task.
Do you have a PAL-N TV in Brazil???
All of mines can work in NTSC and PAL-M versions but NOT in PAL-N

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