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Apple //e keys repeating


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I recently acquired an Apple //e (M/N A2S2064) computer. Upon powering it up, I have found that all the keys repeat indefinitely, until i press a new key and then that key repeats forever. I have looked all over the internet and have found a few forum threads talking about this, but I havent found one with a solution. The computer has a 64Kb ram expansion card and the card that the dual disk drive plugs into as well as color graphics. If I remove both of those, I get the ] prompt and then a repeating key. I have done a system diagnosis (ctrl+open apple + closed apple + repeat) and I get system OK. Does anyone have any advice on how to fix this?

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Sounds like a Keyboard Issue... 

If you unplug the Keyboard from the Motherboard, and Power Up the Apple, the computer should jump directly into the System Test....


Has anyone here tried something like, De-Oxit on the Keys???





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I'd look into re-seating the IC's UE-14 (a 3600 microcontroller that watches the keyboard) and possibly UE-12 (keyboard translation ROM).


I suppose that depending on how the microcontroller works, holding down a specific key will make any other key you press repeat forever.  If that's the case, then it could be blamed on a stuck key.  But that is pure supposition.

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