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GONE: Last batch of hard drives (2.5/3.5" IDE/SATA/USB)


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This is the absolute last batch of stand-alone hard drives I have to offer.  These have all been tested and wiped.  Every drive reports a SMART health status of "NORMAL" though some are reporting bad sectors.


The USB enclosures are the two-port kind, which require one mini-USB for data/power and one micro-barrel for extra power.  I no longer have these cords available (amazing how things go missing sitting in the same spot for years.)  I will not remove drives from enclosures.  I also have two extra USB2 enclosures available for the IDE 2.5" drives if wanted.


Takers pay shipping via USPS Priority Flat Rate.  I can fit two of the 2.5" drives into a Small Box, and generally up to six in a Medium Box.  Will ship to Murica and Canuckistan, only.


Struck-through are claimed, italicized are pending.


2.5" in USB2 enclosure

  • 500GB     Seagate Momentus     ST9500423AS    SATA
  • 160GB     Seagate Momentus     ST9160821A    IDE
  •  80GB     Fujitsu         MHV2080AH    IDE

IDE 2.5" (two USB2 enclosures available)

  •  60GB Fujitsu     MHV2060AH
  •  40GB Fujitsu     MHV2040AH
  •  40GB Hitachi Travelstar     IC25N040

SATA 2.5"

  •  60GB Fujitsu    MHW2060BH

IDE 3.5"

  •  80GB Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9    DP/N 0N0738
  • 160GB Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9    6Y160OP
  • 160GB Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9    6Y160OP

SATA 3.5"

  • 160GB Western Digital Blue    WD-WMAV30766349
  • 200GB Western Digital Caviar    WD2000JD-22HBB0
  • 250GB Western Digital Blue    WD2500AAKX-00ERMA0
  • 500GB Western Digital RE4    WD5003ABYX-01WERA1
  • 500GB Western Digital RE4    WD5003ABYX-01WERA1
  • 500GB Western Digital RE4    WD5003ABYX-01WERA0
  • 500GB Western Digital RE4    WD5003ABYX-01WERA1
  • 750GB Hitachi             HDS721075CLA332
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Last night I stripped the found batch of drives down to parts for destruction.  The drives in the original post are still available for the cost of shipping.  I am going to give them another week or so before I send them off for destruction.

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