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Top Slot Machine (WIP)


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topautomat054release.bas.binI used my holiday to create a game. It is a slot machine, as you can find in germany. you have to get equal numbers to make "money". If you have to stay home because of Corona and like slot machines, try this. 


++ Use 065release for testing - Some Sounds added, Startscreen added, some effects added ++


Start the first round with Joystick up. 
The rounds will cost 20 score, if the score is < 20 the game is over.
The left, middle and right roller will start.
The left roll will stop first. A "S" appears. As long as you see the "S" you can restart the roll with the Firebutton.
If you have restarted the roll, the "S" will appear again. Now you can stop the roll with the Firebutton. 
After that (with or without restart) the right roll will stop. You have again the choice to restart/stop with fire or not.
Try to get the same numbers or special icons to have the best winchance.
The middle role can´t be restartet, but when the "S" appears, you can stop it with the Firebutton.
If you have the same numbers on each roll or the special icon, you will win. If not: Joystick up for next round. 
After a Win the "risk ladder" will appear. You will have the chance to enlarge your win. Try to press fire if the number is
green and 0 is red. If you have luck you will climb up on the ladder. If not you will loose the profit. Press Joystick up for the next round.
If you press Joystick down in the risk ladder you will get the current profit to your score. Then press Joystick up for the next round.


Good luck. Please help to find bugs... 






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I will work on this from now on again. I think the gameplay is a little bit boring at the moment. I will add four gods of gambling you will have to catch to win the game. Give me a little bit time.

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