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Eprom burner question


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Hello all. A while ago I watched the following tutorial on EPROM burning for a Bally Astrocade game:


As per the following link from BallyAlley, ICBM Attack and Treasure Cove are public domain: https://ballyalley.com/ballyalley/articles/two_astrocade_pd_programs.html


I would like to attempt to create a cartridge of Treasure Cove for personal use. Can anyone recommend an EPROM burner that works with an MCM 68764 or compatible chip? As per the video, 25v is required to program the chip.

I'm looking on Amazon and found one that seems a good price that I think works with the chip: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01212KD74?pf_rd_r=H0VR3YKMYFWZSFJYDVBS&pf_rd_p=edaba0ee-c2fe-4124-9f5d-b31d6b1bfbee

I asked the seller, but he could not confirm whether it worked with the chip.


This was his response:

"I have been using this to program the Intel 2764 eeproms for 80s vintage Bally Sterns pinball machines and I am very happy with it. It even does the older 2716 with 25v program voltage requirement. I believe there are a few compatible 2764 devices you can use in the Bally Sterns but the may have slightly different programming requirements (voltage and timings)."


I also contacted the person who posted the EPROM Programming Tutorial. However, he could not recommend any modern burners because he still uses a much older burner, which uses a parallel port. He then directed me to this forum for assistance.


Can anyone confirm or recommend a good model?


Thanks much! Long live Bally!

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9 minutes ago, evildead9000 said:

Hello all. A while ago I watched the following tutorial on EPROM burning for a Bally Astrocade game:


First off, thanks for posting this video.  I have not watched it yet, but I'll watch it soon.  The EPROM programmer that I use is the USB version of the Pocket Programmer II.  I'm not even sure if it's available anymore, but here is the webpage for it:




The programmer doesn't really work with my current computer.  Technically, yeah, it works... but it works too fast or something; all EPROMS that I burn or read on modern systems don't work correctly with my EPROM programmer.  I keep an old Window XP laptop around and use it only to burn or read EPROMs.  That programmer has proved useful a number of times, including semi-recently, when I archived some a rare EPROM from an Atari disk drive.


You'll probably a faster results to this question by posting to the Astrocade forum on Groups.io, here:




You have to join the group to post, but you'll be approved quickly (within a day or two-- faster if you contact me and let me know your waiting for approval).



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