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Xump 2 by Retroguru - Lynx 2020 Programming Competition entry


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Retroguru is proud to present the beta version of Xump2, the sequel of it's first game for the Atari Lynx.


If you liked the first game (at the moment produced on phisical carts by @Songbird and included in the first atari lynx game collection cart for the Evercade console), you'll like the new 48 levels of Xump 2.


Xump 2 was initially released for Sega MegaDrive at Revision 2017. This compo version is still public and floating around and is basically the first public preview we published. The following three years we have added better graphics and eye candies. The -final- version is now released on cartridge. As we are aware that not everyone will be in the position to buy a game cart, but might like the game, we will make the MegaDrive ROM of the final version available for free during new years eve.


The Lynx port is as close as possible to the Megadrive version, but at the moment has only 2 tunes out of 6 and the graphics need fixing. We will try to complete it as soon as possible.


Retroguru was very lucky to have @miker in the team for the port of the original tunes to Chipper. They are really fantastic and it would be great I he could collaborate with us in future games for the Lynx.


You can find the competition release on itch.io at https://itch.io/jam/lynx2020/rate/728781. Don't forget to rate the game. We need your support to win the competition ?


The game will be soon on the retroguru site https://www.retroguru.com. Check it for game updates (but I'll post about them in this thread too).






If we receive good feedbacks maybe in the future there will be a phisical release of this game too...




Label image courtesy of @KevinMos3





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Played all the compo games intensively tonight and here are my impressions on Xump 2.


Super polished game already, with all menus and options you can wish. Music is fantastic! The only thing that annoyed me a bit is that controls are quite sensitive so it's easy to move one tile further and lose. Also when you're game over, you can restart a new game at your last level... so is there any point of having a game over at all? For score yes I know, but do we play puzzle game for score? ;)


TDLR; If you liked xump, you will love that one even more!

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Great news @Nop90

I think this game is a great showcase of the power of collaboration! It's really hard to coordinate people in a free time project and there's always some frustrating compromises (in style and execution etc.) to be made when teaming up. This game seems solid in all aspects: Nice graphics, great music, polished presentation etc.

I do agree with LordKraken though that the controls seem just a liiiittle bit touchy. The game shouldn't be too easy either though. I'm going to check it out on a real Lynx, as it probably is fine tuned for a real Lynx D-pad.

Anyway, great work everyone involved!

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I played a lot  of levels without problems with rhe controls. Maybe I'm used to them.


But beware that there is a problem of Fitefox with the online emulator of Atarigamer that makes Xump and Xump2 umplayable. Please let me know if this is the cause or if you really think that the controls need a fix.


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Hi, I finally had the time to play and rate all the competition entries.


I don't have much feedback to offer on Xump 2, as it's already a great and perfectly polished game!

The game is a faithful sequel to the first one, with even more impressive graphics and sounds.

It honestly feels like a commercial release, and I'm sure it'll have a well deserved success when it'll be available on an actual cart!


Congrats to the whole RetroGuru team and especially to Nop90 for the hard work, you guys are an inspiration to keep on improving the quality of our own titles! :)

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Xump2 polishing is complete and the Release Candidate version of the game is under final testing.


@miker made a so great work converting the tunes that we asked him to convert all the previous and future tunes for Retroguru Lynx ports (and he is also working on new original tunes for Star Blader).


If everything goes as expected the game will be released at the end of February.



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On 2/24/2021 at 2:25 PM, Nop90 said:

The new version for the Atari Lynx will be released during the next week end.


Awesome.  Thank you.


 A physical might see day light too if enough people are interested.

Consider me interested.  :)

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