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Chances this mailing label will work?


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Ugh, print cartridges crapped out on me while mailing this label. I'm already planning on running over to Target this afternoon to get replacements, but what do you think the chances are that this label will get the job done with our good friends at the Postal Service? Obviously the black box is to hide addresses and isn't on the actual label.


My initial thoughts are that perhaps tracking won't work but it'll still make it to its destination? Would rather not chance it, though...


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I had wanted to get it out in today's mail, which might not be possible since I have to get replacement ink now. It's not a huge deal but was just curious as to everyone's thoughts about whether this label would work or not. Obviously once I have new ink cartridges, I can print out a better label.

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I most certainly would not ship a package with a label like that, even more so in the current crisis where the USPS is being intentionally hampered and slowed down.  If that postage cannot be scanned, they may just send it right back to you.  I'd bring that file to any place that can print it for you (Office Max, OfficeDepot, FedEx Office, etc.), have it printed, and then affix it to your package before mailing.



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9 hours ago, roadrunner said:

Yeah, i once bought a refurbished ink cart and it leaked inside the printer. :(

I've tried third-party toner and inket ink before and it's just not worth the trouble.  With toner, I've had toner carts leak (which makes a mess inside the printer), colors aren't accurate, and the toner may not adhere as well to the paper.  Same with inkjet ink.  Yeah, it's a hell of a lot cheaper, to be sure, and OEM ink/toner is absolutely overpriced, no doubt.  Depending on what you're printing it may be okay, but for what I'm doing I need to use OEM inks and toners.  I do try to find them discounted when I can, of course.



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