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Help Pioneer laseractive Power converter


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Hello I just picked up a ntsj a Japanese pioneer laseractive I plugged it in and it gave the the system a big spark looked like it came from the inside. I was wondering is it ok to run this on a US outlet as the seller said he did perfectly fine? Or does anyone know of any good power converters to down the volta from 120v to 110v as I’m told US power is 120 and Japan uses 110v any help would be appreciated

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Well actually JPN uses 100v on their house current if my Japanese wall warts for my JPN consoles and midi modules are to be believed. So in some cases it is advised to use a step down converter for devices like this. I'm not familiar with the laser active but I do know that I have some of my JPN game consoles like my JPN TurboDuo running off their original JPN power supplies connected to my AC without a converter and it has been running years like this without an issue just fine. 


But general, unless the power supply is rated to handled the input voltage within a range that covers both, you should use a step down converter. I don't have any particular brands or models to recommend, but I don't believe they are that difficult to find online or that expensive.


As an example...although again I've not used this so I can speak on the quality of it, but this is similar to what I'm talking about.




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