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Dodge 'Em PAL Misprints

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I was sorting through a pile of games and saw these odd label errors on Dodge 'Em.


The one on the right says it uses paddle controllers (it doesn't I checked). 


The one on the left looks the same but has a black piece of tape censoring it out. 


I've got other copies of this game that say joystick controllers. 


These are both PAL versions, I know there's a lot of unusual behaviour in this region.


Is this a common misprint?


Dodge 'Em Misprints.jpg

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Thanks for the quick reply. 


I had a look on the AtariAge site but the labels all had joystick controllers written on. 


It really caught me out, I knew the game was for the joystick controller but the label made me get the paddles and driving controller out to try. 



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