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Fairchild Channel F gen 1 video problem


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I have a gen 1 Channel F I'm trying to revive.  Most electrolytic have been changed and voltages seem good.   I am getting video and the built in games start, but it is DOUBLING the graphics a few rows off vertically.   I also have a rolling horizontal  bar which may be an RF tuning issue.


I've cleaned and reseated all socketed chips including the RAM.


Any ideas on this?


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Hello, with weird video issues like this I would start with looking at the RAM chips.  This seems to be a common failure mode in Channel F, I've seen bad RAM causing missing parts of the graphics, although I haven't seen the doubling problem you're having.  With the RAM chips being socketed it's easy to experiment with removing 1 at a time (it will still show some sort of display with 1 of the chips out of the socket), swapping them around, etc and see how it changes.  Good luck

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