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Renaming SD card might cause issues for GD.


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I had a problem that I solved, posting here for reference.


I'd loaded some games onto an SD card and my GD was working fine.


However, after that first test, i put the SD card back in my computer to add more games.  At this point,  I renamed my SD card.  Then i added more games.


When i went back to the lynx, the new games (added AFTER SD name change) worked ok, but the games that i'd added before renaming the SD card didnt work.  


So, i went back and re-flashed the older games (pre-renaming) and now they work.  


Takeaway--dont rename your SD card, or the games loaded before renaming might not work, and you may need to re-load all the ROMs.


Not sure if anyone wants to try and replicate this--you may need to reflash all your ROMS--but thought i'd post it.

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Worth noting if needed, for the error i noted above, am using a 64gb SD micro, in spite of instructions stating you must use 32gb or less.  I am also on a Macbook Pro, using this for formatting the card and loading games.  Not sure if either contributed to the issue. 

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