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Data East Retro Classix


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etc, etc...


These are out there now, almost escaped my notice. Any chance these are even a tiny bit better than the same games in the Johnny Turbo line? Those don't even allow button reconfigs so the bar's set pretty low... I mean they're not even coordinating the sales, so it's cheaper to buy the games separately in a lot of cases. Ah well.

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I don't know, although I'm suspicious they are just the Johnny Turbo emulations put into bundles with a new title screen.

  • Golem Entertainment has the publishing rights to the "Johnny Turbo" Data East titles now.
  • Golem Entertainment appears to have no contact info anywhere.  I tried getting in touch with them, but the best I could do was contact a PR group for an older release -- and they never got back to me.  Golem appears to be a holding company with a single employee/owner.
  • The screenshots on the Golem Retro Classix versions all appear to have the same blur-"scanline" effect.

If Golem would do an ownership discount for owning any of the Johnny Turbo titles, I might consider grabbing one of these packages.  The 2-in-1 packs seem rather overpriced, though -- but that might just be because I'm used to the Johnny Turbo versions being on sale for $1.99.

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