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Speaking of cassette


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I don't know if this will work with other machines, but it looks like a really cool project.


It also seems to me, on those systems that allow file names to be specified, that a device like this might just deliver that file and you get kind of a serial disk type drive out of it.  There may be some room for expansion here on some cassette capable systems.

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I just saw this and realized many systems allow for a filename.  If there were a way to communicate that to the cassette emulation, it would be a nice expansion of the capability.


Doing files over audio could make sense in some cases and I am not sure it was ever done.


So, the computer could spit out a short header, file name, then switch to read mode and wait per usual.


The emulator sees the request, answers it with the file of interest.


And since, there is no physical tape to worry about, a simple set of requests could work well.


Read (load, bload) it


Rename it


Append it


Delete it


Write (Save, bsave) it


Those all make sense given a quick two way comms channel.


Was just a rando idea that hit me while eyeing this cool project.






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