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Has anyone tried the NEW JagSD with a BJL modded Jag?


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I just received my Jaguar GameDrive.


My first impression was that it really looks good and was impatient to test it. Unfortunately, I cannot manage to use it right now. So I have a few questions.


First, I use a BJL modded Atari Jaguar.

When I press B, I got sometimes the RetroHQ logo, and sometimes a blackscreen.

When I get the RetroHQ, it seems just stuck afterwards. I tried with and without a SD card plugged in the slot.

(also, I am not sure the SD card is plugged correctly as it seems there is a spring mechanism)


I don't get the screen with the QR code and the instructions to flash the latest firmware (as it is explained in the manual)

Are there any specific instructions to follow? Is it supposed to work with a BJL modded Jaguar or should I get my hands on a "normal" Jaguar?


Many thanks,



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1 hour ago, neo_rg said:

I can send you a eprom bios chip, is it K or M series?

Thanks! It is an M serie.


Actually the simpler would be that I flash my EPROM.

My modded jag has actually a switch to select between 4 roms: Stubulator 93, Stubulator 94, BJL and JagOS. I guess I could replace one of these with the original BIOS (maybe JagOS?).

I believe I flashed this EPROM myself, but I don't have the hardware anymore to do that. 


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5 hours ago, SebRmv said:

Thanks to @Zerosquare, I have now an original BIOS.


When I boot the JagGD, I get the RetroHQ logo and that's it, nothing more. What should I do? 


That was the Scatbox that prevented me from using the JagGD... Thanks to @SainT for his help

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