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All of my 2600, 5200 and 7800 carts are on ebay right now


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As the title says, I have decided to sell off my carts. It's been a fun couple of decades with them but now I want to declutter. I'm just a lurker here and seldom post but I figured I'd give you guys a heads-up because I've gotten a lot of useful info from this place over the years and it would be cool if one of y'all wound up with my collection. I think a few of the 2600 carts are somewhat rare. I've been out of the loop on the Atari scene for quite a while but I recall looking some of these up when I acquired them and seeing that they were uncommon at least. All of them are in the same condition I got them in; some are nice and fresh looking and some can be rough. Pretty certain I have played all of them at some point but not making any guarantees. Check the description in the auction links for a list of the games...I started to copy/paste it here but it was turning into a giant wall of text.


Box #1: Big box with most of the 2600 carts


Box #2: Smaller box with the weird-sized 2600 carts


Box #3: My 5200 carts



Box #4: My 7200 carts


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edit2: it didn't work properly



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