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King Solomon's Mines


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I finally finished Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine, so I was inspired in the level this game takes his name from.

The game is a binary tree.

Pressing the arrow buttons you will see below that a binary number is being increased.

The "1" digits of the last binary number are the gates that are closed in the binary tree. 

When you press "fire" the water will flood all the binary tree (this tree represents the caves of the mine).

But will not pass through the closed gates.

Pressing one time "fire" will show the position of the gates. Pressing two times will make the water flow through the mine.

If the water touches Indy a siren will sound.

If this siren didn't sound at the beggining means Indy is not in the mine, so you have to restart the game.

You must find where Indy is by closing the different gates. (And hearing the sound)

The binary number just above the last means that you change the door pointed below to the opposite branch in the binary tree. Think of it as changing 1 to 0.

The other binary numbers above those, are conditional bits, that means that if water is in those conditional bits it will close a gate further in the tree.

You can have a "retro causality" if you make a conditional bit in a position after the gate to close. That means the water will not touch that corridor, even if a gate before that place is open. That's magic.

Starting the game you will see purple water, that means poisoned water. You must find first the interruptor to change poisoned water to normal water. You find it the same way you find Indy. And after that you can chase Indy.



quantaC.bin quantaC.txt

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