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Atari paddle rotation


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I'm wanting to make a custom pair of Atari paddles, and I'm confused by a detail of the controller schematics (excerpt posted below). The pots in the paddle circuits are drawn with small arrows next to the wipers, circled in red. The arrows point in the direction of lower resistance, but I don't know what meaning they're supposed to convey. Does lower resistance correspond to clockwise or counterclockwise rotation?

EDIT: Ah, I didn't look hard enough. A search for "clockwise" in this forum suggests that clockwise rotation lowers the resistance.



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I think the arrows are pointing clockwise.

When the lowest resistance is reached, full clockwise is also achieved.

But this is not a problem.

Testing is very easy.

If not, just invert the wire to the other contact of the potentiometer.

Remembering that the center (cursor) does not change.

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