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Apple II disk emulator


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Koichi Nishida released some time ago the sources and schematics of this SDISK2. This allowed others to add some improvements like support for an LCD and multiple disk images to be selected. You can look for SDISK2 on GitHub to check them out. They have different levels of quality regarding documentation. This one looks pretty complete https://github.com/Toysoft/SDisk2/tree/master/firmware

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I am still an Arduino newb, but there is a way to synchronize some arduino type boards with an external clock from what I've read.  So with how powerful these microcontroller boards are getting nowadays, it may be possible to make a disk-II emulator mostly in software, just hooking up gpio pins to the disk-II controller without much interface logic.  I dunno.


I dream of mine is to build an open-source emulator like this, that can support more than one drive at the same time.  And maybe even if one could put a softSP ROM onboard (assuming the softSP creator would allow it), then one might even be able to emulate two floppies and a smartport hard drive on a disk II controller, with a very inexpensive microcontroller board.


But as of now I am too dumb to implement it, and I have a bunch of other projects that I need to round up before I start learning more about how to do it.

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