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2020/2021 HSC Round 4 Crossbow


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Round 4: Crossbow

Settings: joystick or light gun


HSC Record: Liduario- 2,315,500


Round ends: December 9


HSC Points as of round 3:

25 - Dr Moocowz

24 - toiletunes

22 - roadrunner

21 - oyamafamily

20 - NIKON

18 - BydoEmpire

18 - jeremiahjt

9 - slx

7 - Namco Player

3 - jblenkle


Bonus: Battle of the controllers! When you post a score, specify if you used a light gun, a joystick (including keyboard for emulation), or emulation with mouse/touchpad. At the end of the round, I will add the scores together by controller type- if your controller has the highest combined points, you'll get +1 Bonus Point!


Crossbow Scores:


2,560,000 - oyamafamily (mouse/touchpad) 10 + 2 + 1

771,500 - NIKON (mouse/touchpad) 9 + 1

674,500 - jeremiahjt (joystick) 8

572,522 - BydoEmpire (joystick) 7 

558,500 - roadrunner (mouse/touchpad) 6 + 1

517,500 - toiletunes (joystick) 5

351,000 - Rick Dangerous (joystick) 4

186,000 - Dr Moocowz (light gun) 3

20,500 - jblenkle (20,500) 2


Bonus totals-

mouse/touchpad = 3,890,000

joystick = 2,136,000

light gun = 186,000


HSC Points as of round 4:

34 - oyamafamily

30 - NIKON

29 - toiletunes

29 - roadrunner

28 - Dr Moocowz
26 - jeremiahjt

25 - BydoEmpire

9 - slx

7 - Namco Player

5 - jblenkle

4 - Rick Dangerous


Edited by toiletunes
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Crossbow new attempt  2,077,500


Performed on November 21st, 2020


00:00 - My username on a piece of paper, and Prosystem Emulator ready to open a 7800 game

00:08 - Crossbow startup, controller set to Light Gun and mouse evidence

08:18 - Start of successful run

30:00 - End of run and final score shown - 2,077,500 points

Edited by oyamafamily
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608,000 with a Europad and 500,500 with an XG-1.  I do not know what it is, but I cannot play the Desert level with the light gun.  The area in that level that I can fire is so small that to get through requires more luck than skill..


I wish I would have known this was the current game because I have been playing Crossbow the last few days and had better scores then, but I should be able to get a few more rounds in.


Slight improvement with the Europad to 674,500.

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Crossbow new attempt  2,560,000




Performed on November 29th, 2020


00:00 - My username on a piece of paper

00:08 - Crossbow startup, Light Gun setting and mouse evidence

00:56 - Start of run

28:30 - End of run and final score shown

Edited by oyamafamily
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I want to make sure this doesn't come across negatively in the context of a written forum post, so let me say right up front: oyamafamily is a great player and a great community member.  His scores are amazing and should totally count.  Still, it doesn't seem right to categorize it as either Joystick or Light Gun for the bonus point, though.  Playing with a mouse is pretty different.  Nothing was stated in the rules starting this round, so to me it's up to toiletunes to decide whether it should count.  Better to discuss now before the end of the round, and maybe it's something to figure out next time around.

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