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new COLECOVISION homebrew game announcement - November 27, 2020


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1 hour ago, Ikrananka said:

So, I'm curious to know something.  If you enter 88 on the password screen it displays "RC1a".  Does this activate a different version of the game or is it something else?

It to be sure the version of the game I've given to the publisher is the same as it is on cartridge.  For odd reason, I keep multiple of RC versions.  It's one final step of my anxieties to be sure that the version is correct, so people don't get mad about playing the older or broken game.  I get uncomfortable when people get upset, so that one way for me to avoid that issue.

Once I had to revert to a previous version of the game, Vanguard, since it acted improper from some reason unknown.  I wanted to add few more features, but didn't really understand why it acted that way, so I dropped back to the previous good version and made sure to tell CollectorVision to put that version on cartridge and tell them about the version number in the credit screen. 

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Ah so pressing "88" is just a way to display the game's (rom) version number.  Brilliant - thanks for letting me know.  I certainly understand where you're coming with wanting to be careful about that when publishing a game.  Thanks again for such a great Christmas game.  I'll be playing it again next Christmas for sure.

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On 3/20/2024 at 8:43 PM, timdu said:

100 were made in the latter months of 2020. Made by request if you would like one send me a P.M.

I would recommend making that request!  It's a super fun game to play!

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