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Replacement Label Cart Stickers?


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Dose anyone here know how to get a replacement label sticker for an old Bally Astrocade cartridge? As I was cleaning one up the label was so old and durty that it fall apart just by rubbing it and I just say F-It and clean it out all and hope to download a stick label for it the game I got is  The Incredible Wizard  - 


On a side note do anyone here also know where I could fine games cheap online other then Ebay?



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Well, I'd print a label out on glossy paper, carefully cut out, apply a thin layer of rubber cement to the back of the label and same to the cart (very thin), wait for glue to dry and apply label.  After label is applied you can rub off the excess dry glue with your finger or a tissue, etc.  I might "laminate" the label with a wide piece of packing tape (no seams) before cutting out and applying.

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Another option is @Allen Schweitzer. He sells replacement labels. Actually I think he'll even purchase your label-less cart and in return, give you a replacement game with a better label. Allen also has games for sale. 

Another games option is Video Game Nirvana. They're a brick and mortar store in OH but they'll ship. I picked up some Bally carts from them recently. Was easy to purchase via Facebook Messenger/PayPal. Here's their loose Bally inventory, or at least what it looked like before I bought a few...




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