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Has anyone successfully got an ide drive to work with an Atari Portfolio


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OK this question is for the people that have gotten their Atari Portfolio to work with an IDE drive, what did you do to make it work, I get an error 'drive not found' when connecting the prototype of my IDE kit to a drive that has been formatted in fat 16, do I have to format it from dos first as fat 12? Will the program recognize the drive if I do this ??? Maybe putting DOS 2.1 on my old computer will help I just don't know as I am entering uncharted areas on the Atari Portfolio. I am beginning to think that the zip drive method of storing and accessing files is much better as you do not need a modified parallel port to do this, and I have 5 zip drives plus 20 zip disks, they are easy to read on an internal drive or an external drive hooked up to linux. I am not sure if the IDE drives can be hooded up to an old computer with dos 6.22 or not, too many unknowns with the IDE kit, the software is in alpha test, the hardware has been made before, but where are the units that have been made? Klaus is the only one that I know that has a working unit.


On the other hand if I get this prototype working it will be a huge leap for Atari Portfolio users.


Russ Campbell


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