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Help with non-working Atari 2600


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I bought some months ago a cheap Atari 2600 clone that in Argentina is known as Edu Juegos. The case is shaped like the Atari 2600 jr. I should have to know in advance that the cheap price was because it didn't work. I tune the tv in chanel 2, 3, and 4 and all I get is a fuzzy pattern like static. I built myself a cable and with the help of some info I got in the web I touched with the cable the pin of video-out. The fourth pin in a row of 5 or 6. And got the same pattern but more fuzzy. I also touched the side of a resistor called r52 I guess having the same pattern. I post the pictures of chanel 4, 3, 3, and 2 respectively.

And a photo of the board. Any hint what the reason of the failure can possibly be?

I am an ignorant on the electronics subject. The console and tv are PAL.

Thank you very much!








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According to what I can see (and understand) from the board there are some resistors lacking, below the capacitors? and resistor below the row of five holes where the video-out is. And a little to the left of that there is some resistor lacking, I suppose. Because starting from the fourth hole in that row, supposedly the video signal, I can trace it to the cable that goes to the video, but if I follow it in the opposite direction I see that are some resistors or something, that are lacking before entering the chip CA3086 H 9045. I am correct or I am saying a lot of bullshit maybe? :)

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