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EPIC GAMES giveaways - Now through 1/1.


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There's 2 games already listed as free: Pillars of Eternity - Definitive Edition and Tyranny - Gold Edition are free until December 17th.


Then there's this announcement:

The Epic Games Store Holiday Sale is back on December 17, bringing you the gift of great discounts and 15 Days of FREE Games!


So just in case you're not "in the know" - you are now. :)

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Yeah, I've looked. I didn't see a whole lot that I was all that interested in other than Squadrons. I would've been interested in Offworld Trading Company but they don't have the Gold Edition available yet. I would've also been interest in The Outer Worlds, but the Non-Mandatory Corporate-Sponsored Bundle is way too expensive still, even on sale and with the coupon. I have too many games in my "to play" list to worry about buying something too early. I typically buy my games during a Steam/EA/Epic/GOG Summer/Winter sale after titles are one to two years old and are heavily discounted I get pretty good deals. Squadrons was really way too new to be one of my typical purchases, but it was just too good a deal to pass up. I'm just not seeing many more of those at the moment.


I'll keep my eye out though.

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Well the list of all the free games got leaked the other day and I waited to see if it was correct, now it’s had 3 correct in a row so I’d say it’s real lol


Todays game is Defense Grid: The Awakening



Alien Isolation 

Metro 2033

Tropico 5


Darkest Dungeon 

My Time at Portia

Night in the Woods
Stranded Deep


Torchlight II

Jurrassic World Evolution 


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On 12/19/2020 at 4:33 AM, bfollowell said:

Yeah, I've both free games so far, and have reminder set every day to get the others.


Used my $10 coupon and picked up Star Wars: Squadrons for $14.97!


Had a bit more than that and picked it up for £4.97. Didn't even realise I had them. One was due to expire a couple of weeks after I used it.

Somehow managed to miss a couple of these this week. Already have Metro, apparently. One of many games I've not yet played. By my reckoning, I must have close to 200 games on all platforms that I haven't played yet.

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