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I've got a MODE installed into my DC. I like it!.... A Lot! 


It is very easy to install since there isn't any soldering really required. I also like the additional IO pins it provides which allow for other things to be done. As an example, I'm using the pin that allows me to use the DCDigital I have installed to also handle the disc swaps without having to press the button on the MODE to simulate this. I also have my power LED wired off the LED access light from another IO pin on the MODE so that my main power LED acts as both power and access light. 


I installed an SSD onto my MODE and this works great, but it is a pain to add games to it. This became more painful to me when all the recent Atomiswave conversion were released. For a while I was using a SATA extender so I could keep the SSD just under the lid of the DC to make it easier to remove it to load up stuff on it.


There is also the option of course to use the SDcard slot or the USB port. The MODE will only allow use of the SD and SSD at the same time. So for now the SSD is mounted permanently back onto the MODE and I installed a Laser Bear bracket and SD extender so I can put additional stuff onto the SD card for now. Really hoping that firmware becomes available that eventually allows the data to be copied back and forth between the SD and SSD drives.


But other than that little quibble, it has been excellent and I really like the convenience of having my entire DC library available with a few button presses off the controller to reset and go back to game selections etc.

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