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how to port atari games programmed in basic to intellivision


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I wonder what homebrews for vcs2600 are made in basic and how difficult would be to import in intybasic to have a convertion of the rom for intellivision.. anyone would give a try with his source code to understand?

if some of the amazing vcs2600 games would be easily ported to intv we at Elektronite will be available to publish that



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In general, most good ports are loving rewrites of the original to fit the target platform rather than a straightforward conversion. I'm not overly familiar with IntyBASIC, but not only would specifics of the language differ from batari Basic, but the manner in which graphics and sounds are generated, how controllers are read, etc. would all be different. Using games from another platform as inspiration can be useful, but I guarantee that there's no straightforward conversion process.

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