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My Current Collection


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Here are the things I know I have added since this post and still need to take pictures of:






Atari 800XL (S-Drive MAX)

Atari 520ST (low cost SD solution)

Jaguar! (Finally got one that I needed to repair. it had the blown VR chip and some caps. works great now but I have no games to call my own)




Commodore 64 (Pi1541)


PS Vita (soft mod)


Majora's Mask themed Nintendo 3DS XL (soft mod)


Panasonic 3DO




PC Engine Duo (everdrive)


NeoGeo Pocket Color



Original Post:

More pics to come, I got interrupted so I snapped a few images of them on the shelf I drastically need to clean please don't mind the dust:


Here is my current collection. I love buying parts consoles in otherwise good physical condition and repairing them for my own collection but man is it some serious love for the hobby. It's an out of this world feeling to bring an old console back to life.

I may end up selling these at some point or buying more to repair and sell.




AV Famicom

Super Famicom and region card, with SNES2SD


GC (PicoBoot & SD2SP2)

Wii-U (SoftMod)

Switch (atmosphere)

GB [bought as parts]

GB Pocket [bought as parts]

GBC [bought as parts]

GBA sp (did my best to cover up one I got rid of)

GBA Micro

DS not pictured (R4)





SMS bought one with S Video, AV mods & FM add-on already complete. (ED clone) 

Genesis (ED) [bought as parts]


Saturn (Psuedo Cart)

Dreamcast (no longer have this one. But I got a GDemu for my sports model finally)

Game Gear. It came to me with broken crystals. Will do McWill some day.






Ps1 (UniRom)

Ps2 Phat (FMCB and HDD) [bought as parts]

PS2 Slim (these things are junk. Planning to get rid of this one and keep the phat)

PS3 not pictured




OG (TSOP) [bought as parts]

360 (RGH)



I feel like I am forgetting something but will update when I add pics.

Here is the unorganized and needing a cleaning shelf:







Currently in the process of rearranging and packing in hopes to move into a house of our own in the near future. There are also a few in my pics that do not belong to me. They are here for cleaning and/or repair.

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