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Surface mount soldering magnification with a used $50 document camera?


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This camera was recommended to me by someone on Twitter and I was surprised how well it works. It is a great aide to help out with the old eyes + tiny parts equation.

In this this video we take a look at repurposing a second-hand document camera for soldering surface mount circuit boards. While these cameras are intended for projecting documents in classrooms and board rooms, we’ll see how this $50, 10+ year old model works for surface mount PCB soldering.

We’ll solder up some surface mount boards which use mid-sized parts and then inspect out work. Then we will also take a look at a through hole board with very tight spacing to see if we can spot the problem it has. Finally, we finish off looking at a modern surface mount board that uses very tiny parts to see what they look like under the document camera.

Can we use an old document camera for SMD work? Join in as we find out.


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