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7800 basic hex 0x vs. $


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in 7800 basic, the docs say $ to specify a hex value.  I had previously been using 0x which seemed okay.  Do both work in all situations?


for example:

temp1= temp2&0xf


temp1= temp2&$f


They seem to, but I don't want to assume, because I've spent days debugging some tricky code and I'm looking for anything silly I may have overlooked.

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FWIW, I seemed to have fixed the bug I was working on.  One of those creepy ones where you're not exactly sure what you did to fix it.  I had a bunch of compounded if then lines in my algorithm, and something didn't play nicely.  I am curious if there are any limitations of $ vs. 0x , but I can verify now that the major issues seem fixed.

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