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JVC X'Eye Issues


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Hello everyone,


I've been reading the topics here related to Genesis issues and I'm hoping someone here can help me.


I recently had my X'Eye sent away to be recapped. As far as I know, before being shipped back to me (and beat up by USPS), the console worked fine.


Once I received it back, it has an issue where it will only display a black screen without a cart or cd in the drive. If I put a cart in, it will boot to the "produced by" nag screen, and go black.


If I then remove the cart and try to turn the console on, the system displays a random color (magenta, Blue, Yellow, or white). If I put a cart in, turn it on, turn it off, remove the cart, and turn it on again without a cart, the color is usually different.


I got it to start a game once and it had no audio. I got it to boot to bios once, it had audio, but a game wouldn't boot.


I'm flummoxed.


Any thoughts?

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