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Karate V.1.3 + Beginning of DPC version

Captain Spazer

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Now it's turning into a proper fighting game.



1P or 2P mode.

Winning by hitting the opponent or making him step outside the ring 3 times.

Sound effect when hit.

Sound effect when blocking.

5 color variations of the gi.

Input limiter - no more holding down the firebutton to make a wall of attacks.

Increasingly difficult opponents.


Score in 1P mode.


Exciting new feature for this version:

Improved Graphics!


DOWNLOAD - Karate_V.1.3.bin



At the titlescreen choose your game mode by moving the cursor up or down with the joystick and flip the reset switch to move to the gi selection screen.


At the gi selection screen move the joystick to the right to pick your gi color and flip the select switch to begin the game.


Controlling the game:

Move the joystick left or right to move

Move the joystick in the opposite direction of your opponent to block attacks

Push the joystick button to punch

Move the joystick in the opposite direction of your opponent and push the joystick button to do a heavy kick

Move the joystick in the direction of your opponent and push the joystick button to do a kick

Move the joystick up and push the joystick button to do a jump kick

Flip the reset button to restart the game.


You defeat your opponent:

Enjoy your victory and wait for a little while and the next match will begin.


You are defeated:

Flip the reset switch to restart the game.

DPC+ Version

I finaly managed to get into DPC+ and the sprite upgrade is amazing, I made a big karate guy by putting 2 sprites together, only it flickers, if anyone know a trick to reduce or get rid of the flickering, I would be extremely happy to learn!


So far, the player can only walk across the screen, just wanted to show off the cool sprites, and maybe get some help with the flickering.


Download : DPC_Karate_V.0.1.bin



DPC+ progress:

Next version of DPC+ version includes:

Same engine as the none-DPC+ version

More advanced animations


A judge

An audience.

How the game looks so far:


Why is it taking so long for the release?

Animating takes a long time, so far there are 22 sprites making up the animations and it's still not enough.

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Updated version
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It might be a nice game someday ? I am quite happy with it, I am continuing work on it and I made a titlescreen with a selection between 1 player and 2 player mode, and I have just begun making the AI, this is the first time I am making an actual decision making AI, it can only walk forwards, backwards, stand still and avoid ring outs at the moment, I dread giving it attack choices... Look forward to the next update.

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I fixed up the AI and a couple of glitches and added a winning pose.

I wish I could use the missiles with playercolors, would be cool to have the missiles as belts in the 1P mode and for every win you go up a rank and earn a new color for the belt, hehe...I have also mused around the idea of fatalities, which also would require the missiles. Like, kicking the head off at the last round.

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5 hours ago, Captain Spazer said:

Hm, I find it quite difficult to make player sprites that are appealing to look at at bigger sizes due to the 1 color per row limit and I could use some thoughts on how to improve.

Here is my current draft of a bigger karate guy, size is 16 pixels wide and 20 pixels tall.


One possible compromise you can make to get 2 colors per line is to flicker each player, drawing them only 50% of the time.

On even frames, use P0/P1 to draw player1 Sprite. On odd frames, use P0/P1 to draw player1 sprite.


I only did some preliminary testing with this to get two colors per line on the upper-body of a sprite I was working on. It didn't look half bad.

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On 1/18/2021 at 2:20 PM, Captain Spazer said:

Hm, true. I am experimenting and I find that mono colored sprites flicker a lot.

Ever thought about one character wearing all Black and the other wearing all White. I've been wanting to see a Cobra Kai Homebrew. I already have a fantasy label made up.


I would love to see Johnny and Daniel duke it out on the Atari ?

On 1/18/2021 at 11:51 AM, Captain Spazer said:

That is very clever, thank you!


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