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SegaCD32x games: MSDEXP (MegaSD Expansion Adapter) - Getting one?


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Who here is ordering the MSDEXP (MegaSD Expansion Adapter) for their Sega Genesis/Megadrive or MegaSG?  For $59.99, you gain the compatibility with the flashcarts and 32x to play those 6 SegaCD/32x games. I am very glad this has finally become a thing, but just for the preservation of the titles to play on original hardware (with the FPGA Sega CD Replacement.)  For me, current budget and game interest won't let me pull the trigger here, but I hope this does well in case I can grab one 2nd hand at a later date.  The price is certainly fair for a limited run, so no complaints there.


I re-visited looking at the game list:

- You can take advantage of "the Mega-CD's enhanced storage capacity and ability to play Red Book CD audio, and the 32X's enhancements in graphics and sound."

- All six are full motion video [FMV] based games, "which were previously available as standalone Mega-CD games, and later had their FMV assets upgraded to take advantage of the 32X's improved graphics. As such, all six were released on CDs, with the cart slot of the 32X being unused during gameplay."
- This is where it got interesting... after watching comparison videos, 4 out of six titles are available on other platforms, with only TWO games being exclusive [Yet these two have Sega CD versions]


Here are some ideas I am concluding in my opinion only, on how best to play the 6 titles if NOT on original hardware/with the adapter" Note: AUDIO on all six games sounded negligible to my trained ears, but I was watching from videos where I don't know capture quality/compression variances.


              The Sega CD/32x  Games:


Fahrenheit  (**Exclusive - emulate it or be happy enough with the Sega CD version on real hardware) - SegaCD32x version does looks better.

Surgical Strike (Brazil only)   (**Exclusive - emulate it or be happy enough with the Sega CD version on real hardware) SegaCD32x version does look better.


In my view, these two titles should be the main reason of getting the adapter if you have no other real hardware solution and you don't want emulation.


***Now, if the 'tower of power' (Genesis/Sega CD/32x) was a stopgap to the Saturn, or you have a 3DO, the remaining 4 titles have interesting alternative playing methods that may be superior to the SegaCD32x versions. A discussion of the technical prowess the Saturn and 3DO offer over the former option may need elaboration. Unless the Saturn and 3DO do NOT offer Red Book audio and I am unaware, for audio, you'd likely get a duplicate or superior quality, and I can only presume the same for video quality [strictly on a technical level]. 


Corpse Killer   (crap game by many reviews- emulate it or play on Sega Saturn [which is an enhanced version of the game, titled Corpse Killer: Graveyard Edition] or on the 3DO)
Night Trap (emulate or play the 25th anniversary edition (better video if not audio as well) on the PS4 or Switch [akin to Virtua Racing's definitive port] 
Slam City with Scottie Pippen  (emulate it or be happy enough with the Sega CD version on real hardware) 32x/Cd version is better than Sega CD quality , but PC is best video version, though no borders may make it not feel authentic to Sega consoles. 
Supreme Warrior  (emulate or play on 3DO, PC)


I do hope they sell many of these adapters (if pre-order selling out is a sign, I'm sure they will do fine. Still the above was a fun project for me to look at side-by side footage for. Personally, I think I will stick with Saturn/3DO versions when available, seek out Night Trap [25th], then Sega CD 'lesser' versions for authentic, and emulate the CD/32x versions on a PC.  Getting the PC version of Slam City I don't care enough to put in the effort. 


I think it would be cool if these six games had a low cost port as a compilation title on a modern platform too, but not before a Master System 3D collection... 





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The other advantage besides playing 6 questionable FMV games is that you can leave the 32x plugged in (although cartridge games will not work through the expansion slot, so you need another multicart in the 32x slot if you don’t want to switch the MegaSD back and forth). The MegaSD does not play CD games when plugged in through the 32x. The MegaSG+AnalogDAC+MSDEXP+32x+MegaEverdrive+MegaSD is the new Tower of Power :D

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Well this doesn't solve my problem...I already have a Sega CD, but I lack the 32x.

I'm hesitant to spend more than $20 or so for a console upgrade that is prone to failure, and has such a small game library :( An FPGA solution would be cool. For now, there's always emulation.

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The connector I have installed in the MSDEXP is good for thousands upon thousands of insertions. Both the cart connector and the expansion connector are gold plated as well. The main advantage to using it for CD games with the 32x still attached is that you don't also need to mess with the AV and power cables when you want to play CD games. With the 32x, you need to remove the AV cables and reconnect everything. 

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