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Mega-CD ejecting discs. Any advice?

Steven Pendleton

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So here it is:


Use headphones and you will notice that it makes a strange whirring sound before it spits the disc out. Any ideas for how I might fix this? I do not have a screwdriver long enough to open it to check it, unfortunately. It seems my camera makes noise when it automatically focuses, so ignore that sound, I guess.

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Literally one of THE most unreliable consoles ever made. Model 1 or 2. Both complete shit. Games are fine. The hardware is a joke. I have always wanted a Sega CD but every single one I have ever encountered in the wild was broken.  Not a single one worked. The 1 time I did manage to get one, it died in less than a day. 


Its a real shame, because model 1 with a model 1 Sega CD underneath it is one of the coolest things Ive seen.

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The limit switches that tell the system the position of the loading mechanism, laser sled and tray door have dirty contacts. They are leaf switches with the contact ends enclosed in clear plastic blocks. Pull the blocks off and clean the contacts with isopropyl alcohol and a brush of deoxit afterwards if you have it, then slide the blocks back into place. There are about three or four instances of these in the model 1 drive, be gentle with them because replacements are difficult if not impossible to source.

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