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Search the Inbox/Messages here on AtariAge





I want to search in my Atariage-Inbox/Messages and Subfolders for one search-word,

but I can do and enter and try what I want, there is absolutely NO result.


I also try to search for messages that I wrote to other members (with the 100% fully and correct written name),

and I also check the 2 options "Sender" & "Receiver" to search in, but the result is zero.


Any idea ?


Is there any way to download all my data (like Facebook and all other platforms offer), so that I can do that search offline ?

(Not sure but I think this is mandatory/a must here in the EU.)






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It seems that the search function to the left, below the list of conversations, will filter out those matching your request rather than display actual messages to the right. Thus if you click on the remaining conversions, you might find the messages you are looking for. A bit unconventional way for the search to work but at least sometimes it seems to yield the results you would expect.


Also just next to the search box is a settings box (gear) where you enable searching on user names.

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I found out now that it does NOT search in subfolders. So I have to navigate & search EACH subfolders where I assume that the searched content is one by one (!) and do a explicit search there..... HA HA HA what a gag. NOT. And when I have to enter the search word, if I then click the gear-sign to i.e. check the "Senders Name" to search in, and then press Enter then, it JUMPS BACK to the INBOX what you only can recognize when you  - by chance - completly scroll up to the top. But who does this ? Otherwise I will search in my emtpy inbox (coming and misleaded from an also empty box/windows from the subfolder). So there is no chance for me to find something, because I have about 25 subfolders, where I have to navigate to EACH and to do a manual search on EACH folder :( What a crap.

I think maybe it´s better to tell people my eMail and to use the "Disable Messenger" function.

Also the normal search is a likely desaster for me, especially when it comes to mark/tick the (sub)forum(s) where in I want to search.

This is so fiddly that I have an extra tab in my browser with a predefined google search for AtariAge with the  "site:"-command.



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