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Since I don't keep up with Jaguar emulation how is the current emulation,is CD emulated,more importantly are there any that support debuggers/memory viewers.I've been wanting to reverse engineer Baldies for over a year now in 68000,the developers stated the Jaguar is the only version coded in 68000.My only other choice is dos version & that's my only option to document the game if Jaguar emulation is not an option for me.

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1 hour ago, Zerosquare said:

@dilinger has created a fork of Virtual Jaguar with added debugging features:


But I don't know if it supports CD emulation.

No, my Virtual Jaguar Rx version doesn't support the CD.

For what I remember, the original VJ version source code didn't support it.

In case of, you still want to have a look at the Rx, here the link: https://github.com/djipi/Virtual-Jaguar-Rx/tree/develop

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