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Virtua Racing Laptimes


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I've been having so much fun playing Virtua Racing Deluxe over the past few days. I'm constantly playing Time Attack mode to get the best laptimes I can. Here's a little thread for you to share your personal bests! You may use any type of controller, any home console version of the game (Genesis, 32x, Saturn, or by emulation) on any circuit using any car. Post a picture; make sure it clearly shows what car you are driving on what circuit, and the time itself.

This is my Big Forest pb using the Prototype on Sega 32X: 0'36"734. I actually did a "594 but forgot to take a picture of it.


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I was playing a lot of Genesis and 32X Virtua Racing in December, but I put away my Sega systems in January.  (I don't like my game room floor to be excessively cluttered so I only keep N number of consoles hooked up at one time).  But I've not been finding my January console of GCN/Wii to be quite as fun so perhaps in the next few weeks I'll return to Sega games and post some comparison lap times for you! 


I do recall that 32X VRD, the first 2 cars seem to race perfect laps and if you mess up, there seems to be little hope to come in 1st place using the Formula (default) car. I always lose time on the final amusement park curve - the AI opponents take that curve a lot faster than I can without slipping into the grass. 

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Nice! I *nearly* got second place with the Prototype car once, but spun out on the last corner for turning too hard. Maybe I'll turn down the difficulty a bit. Despite the stock car being the easiest to drive overall, it's tricky to maintain the max speed of 286km/h the entire lap without going into the grass or spinning out.


Meanwhile I got this 0'39"234 in the Formula.


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