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Dollar General Intellivision Flashback vs ATGames controller pinout


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Hello there!


Anybody knows if there is a difference between Dollar General's Intellivision controllers than the ones from ATGames?

I'm struggling to build a proper firmware for the Retronic Design's USB adapter.



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If you're talking about the Intellivision Flashback from AtGames that Dollar General carried back when it came out in late 2014, it's an Intellivision Flashback from AtGames. AtGames doesn't remix the controller pinout to break compatibility between different SKU's sold at different retailers.


The variations as I recall with the Intellivision Flashback were a retailer specific game or two and I think some exclusive overlays. Dollar General's exclusive with the Intellivision Flashback for instance was the inclusion of Baseball. I bought it on Black Friday that year from Dollar General along with a Colecovision Flashback (The exclusive there was Antarctic Adventure).


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There was only one version of the Intellivision Flashback controller.


In regards to the retronic adapter, I've not used it, but for the jzintv you need to use what's referred to as a keyboard hackfile.


The version of the hackfile needed appears to be dependent on the firmware used on the retronic


New 3.2 firmware for Intellivision Flashback Controllers and jzIntv support - Retronic DesignRetronic Design


Download firmware 3.2 (current) - Retronic DesignRetronic Design




When you launch the emulator, you need to point it to that file in the commandline

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