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omfs syntax highlighting OK or no?


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Been inspecting and modifying examples provided in JagStudio with just a simple text editor.


The guide recommends (as far as my rotted brain understands) to use the built in BASIC syntax in Notepad++.  But, I remember omf made a rB+ syntax highlighting file awhile back..



..is that no longer compatible?  Seems understandable given the changes to the newer Raptor API.

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Here's an updated style file.  It should work with dark or light background colours.


Thanks to @omf for providing the original file and for his permission to include it with future releases.


Please note: this might not work on a Notepad++ version higher than 7.9.1 as they may have changed the format.  I'll look into that another time.




1. Open Notepad++
2. Click the "Language" menu, then "Define your language..."
3. At the top of the pop-up click "Import..."
4. Browse to where you saved the JagStudio NP++ Syntax.xml file and double click it to open.
5. It should pop up to say "Import Successful" - click ok.
6. Close and reopen Notepad++

7. With a .bas file open, click the "Language" menu again and at the bottom you should now see "JagStudio" listed.  Select it.


You should now see that all your .bas files contain pretty colours.



If you don't like any of the colours;
1. Click the "Language" menu, then "Define your language..."
2. At the top in the "User Language" drop down, choose "JagStudio".
3. In the tabs below that, find the section for the items you want to change and click the "Styler" button.
4. In the Styler, you can pick a new foreground text colour.
5. To ensure your text looks correct against a light or dark background you should right click on the "Background Colour" so you see diagonal lines through it.  This will make the text background transparent.

JagStudio NP++ Syntax.xml


EDIT: I might tweak some of the colours myself at some point, make things a bit more uniform.

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