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10 Line BASIC contest 2021


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Get Your Interpreters Ready—This Year's BASIC 10-Liner Competition Is Open For Entries - IEEE Spectrum


The BASIC competition is open to all Atari 2600 BASIC programmers using SuperCharger BASIC which is similar to bB but allows for vintage BASIC programming using line numbers.


Here's the BASIC listing for my entry this year to share with bB programmers to see the similarities -

0 data city 5,9,6,9,7,6,7,5,9,5,5,5,5,6,6,7,5,8,5,8,7,5,8,8,5,5,6,6,7,5,7,8,9,8,8,7,8,9,5,6,8,5,9,6,6,7,5,7,5,5,8,5
1 if g=0 or CXP0FB>126 then CXCLR=0:for j=0 to 9:player1(j)=189:player0(j)=pl(j):rowcolors(j)=178+w:next j else goto 3
2 for j=20 to 71:k=j-20:k=city(k):for i=k to 9:vwpixel(j,i,on):next i,j:player0y=96:player0x=84:y=11:g=1:w=16*z
3 if f<player0y/52 and joy0right=0 and SWCHB|247=255 then f=f+1:goto 9 else AUDC1=7:AUDF1=BITIndex/5:AUDV1=BITIndex:f=0
4 AUDV0=f:scrollvirtualworldtoggle=1:BITIndex=BITIndex+1:missile0x=missile0x+2:data pl 0,224,127,231,252,192,128,0
5 if joy0fire=1 and y>8 then AUDF0=12:AUDC0=9:SUSTAINFORFRAMES=7:x=BITIndex+9:i=96-player0y:i=i/10:y=1+i:remPlayahTune 
6 if y<10 then vwpixel(x,y,bindplayer1):COLUP1=M(y):y=y+1:data M 122,138,12,170,154,250,234,218,202,186,42,58,74,28   
7 if y<10 and vwpixel(x,y,poll)>0 then vwpixel(x,y,flip):player1x=0:player1y=0:AUDC0=y:y=21:AUDF0=4:AUDV0=15:rem Hit! 
8 if BITIndex>71 then BITIndex=0:player0y=player0y-2 else missile1x=missile1x+1:missile1y=missile1y+3:rem SUPERBLITZ 86
9 if player0y=0 then g=0:player0colors(3)=14:player0colors(4)=112+z:COLUBK=M(z)-10:z=z+1 else missile0y=missile0y+2


The challenge is to write a game or demo in BASIC in 10 lines of 120 characters, or 10 lines of 256 characters.


Check out the fantastic BASIC creations so far! Hope more Atari 2600 programmers will join in the fun! :) 


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Here is a programming walk through to inspire A8 BASIC coders for the basic10liner.com programming competition that bB programmers may also enjoy! :) 


Familiarity with Atari 400/800 ANTIC display lists is helpful understanding SuperCharger BASIC display lists, but not necessary unless multiple scroll zones are defined:


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