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Atari 800 / Sophia-2 Install: Letting ANTIC and GTIA be the best they can be....


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1 hour ago, lanceroo said:

some of the info in the posts was surprising, ie given that because of different threshold voltages Sophia may not work

 Not „may not work” but may have lower tolerance for defective operation of another components. 

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I’m sure you’re design was solid - not criticizing it or you- just looking for some help without me needing to buy more things to troubleshoot. Almost any Atari owner with an old 800 ( that works as is) would be surprised to find that because of some out of tolerance component in their machine it would cause this problem. I tried 2 machines. I’m sure there are others out there.

I have sent my board back - they have offered to test it - I hope they find nothing wrong. 

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3 hours ago, lanceroo said:

I tried 2 machines.

After you tried multiple CPU-boards and finally another 800 host, it seems clear to me that the prime suspect here is your Sophia-2 board (I would be really surprised if there is another source of the problem).


I have multiple NTSc MoBOs (Rev9 and RevA), with and without Incognito, and both CPU-board types, and my Sophia-2 unit worked in all of them, when I originally tested prior to final install.


Your original vendor should be able to reproduce the problem or (at a minimum) have the appropriate resources to test well your Sophia board.



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I think also many liver owners (that work as is) would be surprised to find that because of some out of tolerance it would cause ailments after drinking. ;) 

Not always "it work as is" means "completely healthy". 


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