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bB:New Tool for creating PF + 48 px title screens (functional WIP)


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First, thank you @kisrael for this awesome tool!


After attending PRGE, I'm now feeling super motivated to revisit older unfinished projects, and using this will be perfect for adding a few splash screens to the beginning of any of my games.  I played around with it today and added an AA Logo and credit/copyright screen to the beginning of Space Chaos and it worked great.


I found that you can re-use this as many times as you want in bB code (in the same bank) as long as there is enough ROM space.  For the second screen, I simply renamed all of the labels in the abb.asm file and used the inline command a second time.  Loading different screens multiple times may work well for a simple menu screen too, although I haven't tried that approach yet.


I'm attaching my results today just in case someone would like to take a look.


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