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Alternative IDE replacement for 3DO laser lens/disc drive

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Today I had a replacement 3DO laser lens arrive that I was hoping to fix my console with. Either the lens was dead out of the box (most likely) or needed the pot tweaked on it to work, which is something I didn't even want to fool with. Frustrated with the whole thing I decided to check on an IDE CD-ROM I had salvaged from a decades old 486. I had completely ignored it before, since everything I had read online said you needed to use a specific model number (CR-563-B), but figured it would be worth a last ditch effort.


Turns out this thing is a complete drop in solution. All the connectors match up 1:1, all you have to do is pull the old PCB off your original 3DO drive and mount it on this one. This drive number is CR-572-B. The drive motor, gears, lens, everything is exactly the same as the original 3DO drive. I figured I'd post this model number since I've never seen anyone mention it anywhere.

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