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AT Legends Gamer Pro Thread


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I see alot of questions on the Legends Pro in the Ultimate Gamer thread, however the units are different to a degree and I wanted to separate questions between the 2.


Ill start off with 2 questions:


1.  Has anyone found a power supply that works with the Gamer pro?  I dont want to use the USB port charger since there is only 1 port


2.  Has anyone experienced problems getting the Gamer Pro to recognize a USB drive?  I have formatter a USB drive in FAT32 and have tried 2 different drives with the same result - USB Drive not detected.  The USB port does charge the unit so I assume its active.


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Figured out my USB drive problem - for BYOG you connect the USB drive to the "puck" and not the controller board ?


Now trying to get streaming to work.  The streaming app wont start and gives me an error that my graphics card might not support it or something wrong with the audio driver.


Dop you need to have your PC in a certain video mode to work?  I have dual screens and my main screen is a 4k monitor.

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Has anyone gotten Pinball X from Steam working with their Gamer Pro?  This is prob the biggest reason for me to get the Gamer Pro is a cheap alternative for Pinball - I dont have room for a 3/4 table so having a pedestal and TV on the wall is perfect.


From what Ive seen others are using Pinball X on Steam streamed to their Legends Gamer.  Pinball X has a ton of tables which Id like to get.


Id like to know of others that have gotten this working and if the lag is bad or not?  The free pinball on the Gamer Pro has lag which really impacts the play(I have wired Ethernet not wireless for the unit)

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For those thinking about Pinball Ive gotten basically 4 answers:


1.  Purchase tables from AtGames and link to your ArcadeNet account.  You can then run them locally on a USB drive connected to the Puck locally

2.  Purchase a higher level ArcadeNet subscription which includes some Pinball games

3.  Install LegendsLink on a PC and remote connect your LGP to your PC through this software to run Steam (Pinball FX3, etc...)

4.  Connect your LGP control panel to a PC via BT and utilize whatever Pinball software you want to run on your PC (VPin, Pinball FX3, etc...)


My testing:


2 - Not worth the money monthly IMHO

3 - Requires a newer PC and graphics card just to stream.  May be some lag, but option 4 is better than 3

4 - Is it worth having a dedicated PC + Screen to run pinball vs buying a Legends Pinball or another full kit


I went with option #1 for now - $50 for 11 Gottlieb tables including Haunted House.  The other 10 tables are pretty fun even though Ive never seen them before.  No real lag to speak of since they run local from the USB drive I have connected to the puck.


Downsides to option #1 - I like alot of the Williams Pinball machines and those arent available - so selection is limited unless you go for option #4


At this point my original thought of using LGP as my "Pinball machine" prob wont fly.  After I dedicate a monitor and pedestal for the LGP then Im pretty close to the Legends Pinball cost, however both of these options are limited in the variety of tables available.


Anyone else has some thoughts on this with LGP?





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8 hours ago, Goochman said:

LGP control panel is just a bluetooth controller - it should work with any system that accepts BT - however not every system will recognize the stick/button layout.  Thats why the windows and PI support has been a no brainer.

... well, I've tried it via Bluetooth and USB and had little to no luck.  I've just been trying to verify whether it actually works with "systems" or just Windows / Pi.

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