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VGS Program/Newsletter now available

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For Immediate Release:

August 9, 2003


Atari Video Club/Jaguar Community United is pleased to announce that the Program/Newsletter from the Video Game Summit is now on sale.


The price of the program/newsletter is $2.00(included with the program is the VGS name tag that was handed out to attendees of the show (limited supply))


The program has most of the articles you see from the past Atari zone issues (including the Jagfest issues) plus it also has articles that describe the vendors and exhibitors (like GoatStore.com and SCAT (Suburban Chicago Atarias users group). Plus the format of the program also give you feel of the layout of the room of the event.


Also you’ll see ads from the shows sponsors : Atari Age Digital Press, Good Deal Games, Trade-n-Games, Video Game Connection and Pack Rat Video Games (As well as an ad from our local sponsor Safari Land in Villa Park, IL).


To order your copy of the VGS Program: mail a check or money order (payable to Dan Iacovelli) to:

Atari Video Club

C/O Dan Iacovelli

1431 Mandel Ave.

Westchester, IL 60154-3434

Attn: VGS Program

(Or by Paypal(Dan-AVC@usa.com) only if it’s funded by a bank account or if you have funds in your account already(no credit cards please) for subject use: VGS program and include your mailing address in the body )


Join the Video Game Summit mailing list for updates on the event (VideoGameSummit-Subscribe@yahoogroups.com)


For information on the Video Game Summit:


End Press Release

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