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.e2p Files (Shared Leaderboards)


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Played with the Game Drive tonight and had a great time getting it set up.   Played Joust, Game Drive created a .e2p file for the high score, and so I figured I would play a round of Bubsy to create one for that.   Post my name on the high score board for the first time since 2012 since I had my usual cartridge full of high score entries.


Then I realized, we can trade high score tables now!  Nice!!


We can take out the high score (.e2p) file, and send them back and forth, each adding scores from other players.


Here is one for Bubsy, created by one of the biggest fans of the game.... me!   :P


Bubsy - Fractured Furry Tales.e2p


If you add to it, just post your updated .e2p file here, and someone else can add to it, and so on.   We can add ten unique names to this one.



[Above was my solution for "DRCLU:321"  321 = March 2021.  No numbers so I had to get creative.]


Got a favorite game that creates a .e2p file for a saved high score?   Would be nice if it was one that had multiple high scores recorded, but you know, for those single high scores (like I believe Joust is) you could always post a .e2p file with a REALLY high score and just say


"Here, beat THIS score".  :P  


Let's see some .e2p files!    LET'S TRADE SOME SCORES!






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On 2/27/2022 at 7:56 AM, grips03 said:

I noticed some rom files in .zip format contains an .e2p file. 

Is it safe to the erase .e2p file ?

After playing the game (and saving), will a new .e2p save file be created automatically?

I would imagine so, but did you try to erase the file?


If anything, try this... take the micro SD card out of the game drive.  Back up the .e2p file on computer.  Then remove the .e2p from the micro SD.   Then turn on the Jaguar and Game Drive and load the game.

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