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How to start a poll?



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I've just found the answer (from 2012): You need to start a new topic.


Frankly, I find this slightly disappointing, since we'd have to clutter the forum with polls which are detached from their actual topic.  Would there a better way to handle this?

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Do you mean how to extend an existing thread with a poll, as a post within the thread? Normally polls are opened for a new subject, which makes sense that it is created when the topic is started. I can't recall any forum software that lets you add a poll in the middle of a discussion thread. Also I don't know if there would be any point in having a separate poll area where you can link your poll question to, without enabling people to comment in that poll.


Sure you could use a 3rd party tool like Survey Monkey, Google Forms etc but that detaches the poll from AtariAge even further. Another low level way to do it is to raise a question and ask people to write down their preference, but then you need to manually go through the answers. Sometimes it might be useful, e.g. if you're developing a game and are asking which next feature people think you should focus on next: more levels, improved AI, second player option, alternative graphics.

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Well, suppose I keep talking about a thing I'm about to release in a post.  At some point, I'd want to know which name people prefer for that thing.  Then of course I'd like to poll in that thread.  If I'd do a poll in a new post, I'd address all people, many of whom had no clue what I'm talking about.


In fact, I can only think of scenarios where you'd want to poll inside a thread, but not start one.

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Two more untested suggestions:


1. Maybe if you start a blog about your project, you can add polls to the blog? Sure, it limits the audience to those who find your blog. You could have a general thread in the forum and link to the blog for more interaction.


2. Maybe if you start a club about your project, you could add polls in the club? Sure, it even further limits the audience since not many (me neither) do clubs yet, but to some extent it could be seen as a private subforum, a bit like a blog but where others could post as well I presume.


If the forum software doesn't support polls inside comments, I'm not sure how to otherwise solve it other than those five ways:


A. Open polls in the forum separate from the discussion thread.

B. Run a poll on a 3rd party provider, separate from the AtariAge community.

C. Run a poll in form of posting text messages, more hand work and not everyone will be able to give answers according to your specification.

D. Open a blog (if it works like I think) and keep the development updates there.

E. Start a club (if it works like I think) and keep the development updates there.

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