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Odyssey 2 hookup problems


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Hello everyone,


I have quite a few 2nd gen consoles, and they all hook up fine with a coax to rf device, yet the Odyssey 2 has practically no picture. I can only tell it is hooked up, and not blank static. I do not possess the classic hook screw posts on my crt that old systems used to use switch boxes to attach to. I'm going crazy, and I don't know what to do. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I've googled around for ages, and haven't found something that works. Please help!

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Got a VCR laying around?  If so, connect it to your TV and then connect the O2 directly to the VCR coax input.  With the VCR powered on, you should be able to play the system through the VCR.


I had exactly the same problem a few years back.  Using an older RCA Colortrak TV (that only had coax) I could not get my Odyssey to work (while all my other RF systems worked fine on it.)  Using the wisdom buried deep in this website, I stumbled upon this as a solution and it worked.


Best of luck!



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The odyssey 2 opens up with only 3 screws.  Once open, you can verify the video cable is making good contact to the RF box.  Shine up any rust or very dirty contacts.   You can replace the RF cable with an atari style one or even just temporarily try any other RF cable with RCA ends like the Y, R, W cables you probably have for composite game systems.  You will still be going to an rf converter box or adapter plug, I am not suggesting you can go to composite video, just to use the cable for RF.

While you are in there, verify the RF adapter input wires are firmly seated on the main board. 

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