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Hotels for OKGE


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Yes, the Hilton has agreed to a discount on single and double rooms of $70 a night. This is also specified on the Map page with the hotel details on the OKGE website. As for other Hotels, The only other one within walking distance of the show is the Marriot. I wouldn't even guess what they want for rooms.


There are literally dozens of other choices within driving distance of 10 miles of the show. But most of them will be comporable in price to what the Hilton has offered. There are of course cheaper places...like Super 8 and Motel 6 in some parts of the city. Additionally, there are lots of really obscure local owned motels just on the other side of the river in West Tulsa. But they are pretty scary looking if you ask me. None of the other Hotels within the area of the OKGE will cut any sort of a deal unless of course the event is being held there directly.


I can do some homework later and see what Hotels are in the area and ask them for room prices. Again, I suspect that the $70 for the Hilton will be hard to beat.



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I'd just like to toss in a little side note. Although it is in the downtown district, please, anyone attending the show do NOT register at the Adam's Mark hotel. Several years ago there was a sci-fi convention held there and they treated not only the attendees, but the vendors TERRIBLY. I will never set foot in that place again as long as I live. As for the Marriott, I think they have some fairly reasonable room rates. It is literally just down the street from the Hilton, and I had two friends who used to work there and they were treated failry well. I myself have gone to several small shows there (most recently a pet product show) and it's nice and the employees are nice as well. I've honestly never even set foot inside the Hilton before!

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