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2020/2021 HSC RD 11 Asteroids


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It's time for the ultimate Atari classic: Asteroids!

Settings: Intermediate

difficulty switches b/b

HSC Record: 334,180 Sonic R

Beat the HSC record for 2 bonus points!

Note* It is possible to leave one asteroid on screen and hunt the UFO to rack up points- this is considered point farming and goes against the spirit of the HSC. We are using the honor system, so please don't do this.


Bonus game: Asteroids Deluxe

Settings: Novice

Difficulty switches b/b



Round ends 4/28/2021


HSC points as of round 10:

81 - toiletunes

77 - oyamafamily

66 - roadrunner

65 - Dr Moocowz
62 - jeremiahjt

60 - BydoEmpire

57 - NIKON

29 - Namco Player

21 - Dauber

19 - Rick Dangerous

18 - jblenkle

16 - Deteacher

10 - Cousin Vinnie

9 - slx


Asteroids final scores:

28,190 NIKON

28,140 roadrunner

24,760 jeremiahjt

19,100 jblenkle

16,850 Dr Moocowz

16,050 BydoEmpire


Asteroids Deluxe final scores:

502,140 oyamafamily

65,720 NIKON

11,950 Dr Moocowz

Edited by toiletunes
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Asteroids Deluxe Bonus  502,140


Performed on April 10th, 2021


00:00 - My username on Atari Age Profile and Prosystem Emulator with Asteroids Deluxe running

00:10 - Game reboot and variation select (Novice)

00:15 - Start of run

59:30 - End of run and final score shown - 502,140 points

Edited by oyamafamily
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