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Issues with Unknown File Roms not loading

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LL llLSo pretty much every reboot rom and homebrew that was free doesn't work except Superfly DX?

Tried Jiffi header less rom etc. 


Tried downloading directly from Reboot as well as. The pack from RetroHQ Website.


Weird thing it was able to play reboot yesterday.


Superfly also loads most of the time but once it crashed?


Is it possible a hardware issue or maybe sd card not playing well with the roms all retail release works but it crashed homebrews?


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If all the commercial titles work, there’s no problem with your hardware.


if a ROM image is not recognised or you have to add headers, expect them not to work. And in general, for homebrew, expect it not to work. They were (mostly) never designed to be run from a proper cart but usually from BJL.

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I did notice some freezing issues if I boot the GD and when it loads the folders if the mrq shows blank where it normally has an mrq file that was in the system, then nothing will load and I'm forced to restart the Jag again and try another time. This happens on original game roms and on the homebrew folder I've got too. It's hit and miss and doesn't happen everytime but at least 50% of the time. Does this mean an SD card issue?

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That could be memory card related, yes. If you're getting any non-consistent behavior it could be the memory card connection in the socket isn't perfect (I've had dirty pads on memory cards cause issues in the past) or possibly even the memory card is on its way out or doesn't like the speed it's being pushed at.

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